Since the release of his long-awaited debut album in 2009, Moldover has become a viral internet phenomenon. This all-original compositional masterpiece lays a bed of electronic brain-dance and funk-infused rock, beneath lingering, soulfully melodies. His award winning album artwork redefines what it means to “play” an album- the packaging IS a musical instrument. Presenting an answer to declining record sales, industry icon Bob Lefsetz suggests “How about that guy Moldover, with the theremin built into his CD case?” Press the button and wave your hand in the air to create and endless array of giggle-inducing bleeps, bloops, and whomps. Sonic State’s Mark Tinley calls it “utterly brilliant” and Engadget senior editor Thomas Ricker simply says “you will believe”.

Moldover’s success as a producer and performer comes only after years of work founding the principles of controllerism. This new cultural movement, now the most quickly growing force in electronic music, is an ingenious and accessible formula for live sound manipulation: Computer + Controller = The New Instrument. Moldover fuels this new craft by designing completely new kinds of music controllers. His multi-player music jamming station “The Octamasher”, tours to music festivals, college campuses and private parties, putting controllerism into the hands of everyone. His commercially available performance controller, “The Mojo” combines elements of traditional instruments, DJ hardware and video game controllers, offering unparalleled ergonomic tactility to other serious controllerists. Next on the horizon is a new multiplayer instrument\ called “The SyncoMasher” and a Do-It-Yourself version of Moldover’s hacked up performance monster, “The Frankentroller”.

Currently Moldover is touring the US and Europe in support of his self-titled album. Uniting his talents as a musician, artist, and inventor, he is an emissary of controllerism culture, and an evangelist for self expression and inclusiveness. Find more of Moldover’s ever-accelerating innovations at