Paul Geluso’s work focuses on the theoretical, practical and artistic aspects of sound recording and reproduction. He is a sound recordist, mixer, and engineer who collaborates with musicians and media artists using sound as a creative medium. He has worked in many areas of sound and music production being credited as engineer, producer, composer, and musician on CD and 5.1 surround sound DVD releases in addition to film, video, sound installation, performance and broadcast television soundtracks since 1992. He is currently developing new ways to capture, mix, and process 3D audio for playback on multi-channel sound systems. This work will be presented at the 131st Audio Engineering convention in New York City. Prior to being full-time faculty at NYU, he taught classes in music production and technology at Bard College and the Peabody Institute in addition to directing the Stephen F. Temmer Tonmeister Seminar here at NYU. Geluso received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1988 and a Master of Music in Music Technology from New York University in 2000.