Series of Master Classes in Beat Creation, Percussion, Drum Programming, Drum Recording, and performance techniques

Essential workshops for any professional producers or performers that incorporate drums, percussion and rhythm into their work. Covering advanced drum programming using both analog and digital technology, performance techniques as well as a workshop in drum recording with Scotty Hard and Billy Martin included. We touch upon techniques ranging from Free Jazz drumming to the work of J-Dilla, Anti Pop Consortium and many others.

  • Establishing a theme with primary and alternate workflows
  • Timing (on grid, off grid, grooves, quantization, humanization)
  • Controller/performance Technique
  • Extreme Swing & Groove
  • Improvisation
  • Polyrhythms
  • Beat Splicing
  • Controlled Randomization
  • Drum Microphone Techniques
  • + much more
Mentors: Billy Martin
Raz Mesinai
Val Jeanty
Scotty Hard
Supported Tools: Akai MPC
Korg Instruments
Ableton Live
Analog and Digital Drum Machines
Workshops: 6 workshops (2 each weekend)
Media: New video tutorials each week
Sound Library: Beat Creation
Template Sessions by Ghost Producer
Support: Weekly assignment guidance
Check-ins to clarify topics and ensure progress
Technical support 7 days/week
Availablity: Online
In the field (NYC)
Price $6,000