UPA Music & video production boot camp (recommended ages 13-17)

Old and new school music producers, video artists, musicians, dancers, singers, performers and motivational speakers ban together to offer the most exciting, positive and exhilarating summer kids program available. 5 student maximum so reserve your space now before it fills up.

Get your kids directed towards the right path with this ridiculously fun, inspiring, positive and highly motivating music and video production boot camp, led by some of the greatest producers, video artists, musicians, dancers, singers, performers and motivational speakers NYC has to offer! Whether your kids are into hiphop, pop, jazz, classical, dance, EDM or just media in general, this is the perfect thing for them to do on the weekends this summer and a great way to get them off of social media and on to enhanced productivity and more focused on gaining real memories worth a lifetime.

Not only do we show how media is made, but we also show how to defend against being addicted to it, while sharing deep knowledge in everything from recording, making beats, filming and working with hiphop dancers, history of the field, cheap DIY ways of producing and even how to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

At the end kids will get their own official “Sound System Defense Force” t-shirts, music video, an EP, music production tools, online chat with mentors all week for technical help, essential literature and a certificate of completion, signed by UPA founders Scotty Hard (Wu Tang Clan, Medeski Martin and Wood), Raz Mesinai (Badawi, Sub Dub), Prince Paul (De La Soul, Jungle Brothers) and more.

Note: Seating is limited to a maximum of 5 students per boot camp. You can choose between one or two sessions per weekend, Saturdays or Sunday’s. Vegetarian meals will be supplied on site at no extra costs.


Honeychild Coleman (The Slits, 1865 Band), Badawi, Scotty Hard (Wu Tang clan, Medeski Martin & Wood), Val Jeanty and more TBA.

Full refund (minus bank/interaction fees) until June 10th, after 1/2 refund till July 1st due to cost of setup and reservations.

Choose between:

Tier 1 – Beginner: One day per weekend (Saturdays or Sunday’s)


9 sessions, 2 hours each, + a healthy lunch – $2,400

5 student maximum

Tier 2 – Two days per weekend (Saturdays OR Sundays)

1-3:30PM Saturday’s

4-6:30PM Sunday’s

18 sessions, 2 hours per session + healthy lunch

$4,400 5 student maximum

Start date: July 6th – August 31st


July 6 – orientation – social media detox

July 13 – beat production

July 20 – recording musicians

July 27 – vocal workshop

August 3 – video production

August 10 – working with dancers / lighting

August 17 – cheap animation

August 24 – health class

August 31 – closing – special guests – live performances – gifts