Music Production in Ableton Live takes students from basic familiarity to deep understanding of the acclaimed production platform, using signature techniques and workflows developed over decades by UPA mentors.

While the introductory Ableton Crash Course takes you step by step through the details of Live’s tools, this course is a study on the artform of creating unique music with those tools.  The student will come out the course with a finely sharpened arsenal of specific attacks and workflow areas.  This palette of techniques will be deep enough to base an album – or even a career – off of.

You will learn, based on your preference and direction:

  • The intricacies of Freakatone – a freeform dub style developed by Raz Mesinai
  • Using sensor triggers across tracks for interaction despite the grid
  • Layering and orchestration studies
  • Exercises to help you increase your finished output
  • Advanced dubbing and processing
  • Workflows for designing large sampler instruments in a single sitting
  • Thorough critique and input on your current work


Studying with Todd and Raz through the UPA courses has been a priceless and essential part of my development as a producer, performer, sound designer, mix engineer and as a musician altogether.


Their dedication and passion for excellence as mentors along with their seemingly boundless knowledge can allow committed, hardworking students an opportunity to progress lightyears farther and faster than they would be able to otherwise.

Rob Hudson, Alumni

Mentors: Krupa (Native Instruments, Radish Patch)
Mesinai (Darren Aronofsky, Badawi)
Tools: Ableton Live 10 Suite
Mentor sessions: 8 sessions of two hours each
Workload out of class: Expect about 3 hours of guided project time between each mentor session.
  • Video tutorials to support the sessions
  • Reverse engineering and template examples
  • PDF diagrams, slides, and schematics
  • Weekly assignment guidance
  • Check-ins to ensure progress
  • Personalized videos to clarify topics
  • Technical support 7 days/week
Availablity: Online or in NYC
Enrollment status: Private / one on one
Scheduling: Start date is determined by you. Classes take place once or twice a week, depending on your preference.
Tuition: $1600