After school just got cool in this one of a kind program, young adults are mentored in unique creative workflows to advance their skills from beginner level to extremely capable producers by the time they reach college age. Using inexpensive sound tools, apps, software, and other musical instruments, students learn to refocus their attention away from common pitfalls of the devices they already have on hand and are instead guided towards using these technologies for self-expression, creativity, ingenuity and overall positive output. We at the UPA see and hear hope in the next generation of artists, and wish to facilitate a new era of smart, unique and positive voices for many years to come.

  • Scott Hampton w/ Student

  • Randall Dunn, Raz Mesinai & Shahzad Ismaily

  • controller building at the UPA

  • Dave Q on marketing

  • Hprizm

  • Class of June ’16

  • Scotty Hard

  • Class on vocal performance

  • Raz Mesinai, Val Jeanty, HPrizm

  • Producing beats with Hprizm

  • Shahzad Ismaily

  • Class of Sept. ’14

  • vocal workshop

  • HPrizm, Raz Mesinai, Siddiq Booker

  • HP, Honeychild, Screechy Dan

  • Val Jeanty and students

  • Scotty Hard’s studio

Featured Mentors:

Scotty Hard
Raz Mesinai
Val Jeanty
HoneyChild Coleman

And more TBA…

Program Length: Monthly ongoing
Mentor Sessions: 8 (2 per week/weekends)
Support: Assignment guidance
Check-ins to clarify topics and ensure progress
Technical support 7 days/week
Availability: Online
In the Field (NYC)
Class Size: private + group workshops
Tuition: $1,700 per month
Start Date: December 2019, flexible days available