Traveling from location to location in New York City, participants in the Artist Development Program gain invaluable first-hand experience working one on one with legendary producers, engineers, sound designers and a wide range of top vocal talent, to develop a full-scale production of their choice from the beginning to end.

Students learn in the process of doing, in recording techniques, production workflows, mixing, lyrical direction, art direction as well as marketing strategies, music video production, and more, offering boot camp-style immersion into the fast-paced realm of professional music production and artist development, an ideal choice for postgraduate students, professional artists looking to develop new concepts, record labels and anyone looking to learn from innovators while developing professionally produced products.

Featured Mentors for the upcoming program:

Scotty Hard (Wu-Tang Clan, Jungle Brothers)
Raz Mesinai (Badawi, Sub Dub)
Juma Sultan (Jimi Hendrix, Pharoah Sanders)
HPrizm (Anti Pop Consortium)

And more…

  • Scott Hampton w/ Student

  • Randall Dunn, Raz Mesinai & Shahzad Ismaily

  • controller building at the UPA

  • Dave Q on marketing

  • Hprizm

  • Class of June ’16

  • Scotty Hard

  • Class on vocal performance

  • Raz Mesinai, Val Jeanty, HPrizm

  • Producing beats with Hprizm

  • Shahzad Ismaily

  • Class of Sept. ’14

  • vocal workshop

  • HPrizm, Raz Mesinai, Siddiq Booker

  • HP, Honeychild, Screechy Dan

  • Val Jeanty and students

  • Scotty Hard’s studio

Program Length: one month to a year
Mentor Sessions: 16 hours per month (in studio/field)
Support: Technical support 5 days a week online
Availability: limited to 6 students per month
Class Size: One on One
Fee: $3,600 per month (includes studio expenses)
Start Date: November, 2022