Underground Producers Alliance
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Mixing the Hard Way
Legendary producer and mixing engineer Scotty Hard is considered one of the great architects of hiphop’s sound from the 80’s to 2000’s. Covering both clean and dirty mixing, this unique masterclass delves into Eq, compression, the techniques of Dub as well as meticulous note keeping.
UPA Events
We take the careers of our students seriously. By holding regular events in top venues, we continually rep our alumni and help give them a platform to express their vision.
Professional Artist Development Program
Participants in the Artist Development Program gain invaluable first hand experience working one on one with legendary producers, engineers, performers and musicians to develop full scale productions of their choice from beginning to end.
Sound Design Master Program
Spanning across every aspect imaginable, this is a master class for professional sound designers, composers, and producers looking to master their craft and develop unique sonic worlds.
The Andreas Robbins Scholarship
The Underground PA is proud to announce DoNormaal and Jessee Egan as winners this year.