The most flexible class format

UPA brings studios around the world directly to students, using state of the art video and audio streaming technology.  We know this platform has the capacity to permanently change education for the better. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far and we are continually improving the delivery of our online classes.


Students and mentors alike can participate from anywhere, interact with video/screen sharing, hear surprisingly good sound, and share ideas directly on the systems they work with, all in the comfort of their own homes or studios. It greatly facilitates scheduling for everyone involved and contributes to a positive, informal atmosphere for the whole experience.

Recorded sessions

Further, every second of every class is recorded to YouTube (unlisted and private).  As the class progresses, the videos make the ultimate review tool, view-able on just about any device at any time.  Down the road, the videos will be kept available so students can brush up on specifics for years to come.

We hope to see you soon in a multi city studio session with UPA!

The classes focus on exactly a discipline you want to improve on from synthesis, sampling to sequencing.  The best part is the flexible online environment and 1:1 relationship I’ve built with Todd.  I can ask anything and explore everything.  The classes are recorded so if I need to review a concept, the video is easy access.

Deepak Sharma, Hidden Recordings Label Boss