Formed in 2015 by Raz Mesinai, Scotty Hard, HPrizm, HoneyChild Coleman, Randall Dunn, Val Jeanty and others, the UPA is an alternative to main stream education and the ideal choice for post graduates and professionals looking for advanced knowledge and extended techniques in music production, sound design, composition, performance and audio engineering.

Do not let the word “underground” fool you. While UPA mentors have worked in all levels of the music, sound and film industry, both independent and main stream, in our case “underground” describes our singular approach to alternative education and artist development, focusing on the growth of the individual rather than the industry.  We are a think tank where new ideas and actions are developed to maintain an economic balance of control for creators.

At the core, the UPA is a professional artist development agency and creative hub where artists can learn to better govern and distribute their work through innovative technology and a DIY mind state.

Combining many topics both taught and left out of academic studies combined with careful monitoring of the market and technology we are able to stay steps ahead of the industry and traditional music schools.  You won’t get any sugar-coated lines at the UPA, if the industry is going downhill, you will know it in advance while being a part of future solutions.

UPA students become more knowledgeable about the systems they use and how to master them to create without restraint.

While keeping a watchful eye on trends in both sound and economics, we keep on top of all the newest systems of distribution, and study ones not even in peripheral view, to find the most useful and fair options for our student’s creations.

Despite the common use of presets and sample libraries, we push our students to learn, and develop entire sound libraries from scratch, so that they are armed with custom tools to create unique and personal content. Not only is having their own original libraries good for their music, it’s good for business, giving them an asset which they own and can sell or use to further their careers, branch out, or even start their own library businesses.

Once accepted, UPA students go through a steady flow of calculated courses planned in advance to fit their goals and needs, with instructors changing accordingly.  UPA students are constantly developing real productions while they learn, this way they leave with finished work rather than leaving with nothing but notebooks full of lines and hard drives filled with unfinished work.

In addition to our programs we produce live events at top venues in NYC (Ciello, Shapeshifter Lab, Magick City) where students, mentors and colleagues get to know, perform and collaborate with one another.  Our record label acts as a platform for students to release their work, and we are here for them if they get signed to a label, to help them make better choices for their future, or if they choose to go independent we are here to show them ways of achieving the most success in an unpredictable industry.

For us to do our work precisely we have a ten student maximum enrollment per semester, so that each student gets the individual attention that they need. If we cannot enroll you at this time, you may ask to be placed on a waiting list where we will inform you of our next enrollment period or if any slots have opened.

We hope that you will choose the UPA if you are a professional looking to hone your skills, develop a new project or even an entirely new idea, we are here for you.

Unfortunately, we do not offer financial aid at this time, however you may apply to our scholarship, which we offer to four students per year.  Our criteria focuses on underrepresented artists and producers doing exceptional work with the bare minimum, with an emphasis on work that serves the better good of humanity and the environment., but instead of telling you what we want in a student, we prefer that you do the talking and tell US why you are a perfect applicant for the scholarship.  When applying please be specific as to what you feel you need, your financial situation and what makes you stand out, you may find previous winners and can also apply HERE.

Contact us via email

Or, give us a call:  (347) 974-0150


We cater equally to seasoned music professionals and brand new initiates to the industry. We make certain to ensure that you are met at the right level and are challenged yet not too uncomfortable. For those that wish, we offer a boot camp treatment that goes the extra mile to ensure your performance.


Andreas Robbins Scholarship

In honor of beloved son, friend, student and brother Andreas Robbins, whose love for music affected all those who were close to him, the UPA is proud to announce an annual scholarship in his name: the Andreas Robbins Scholarship.

UPA Online

We bring studios around the world directly to students, with state of the art video and audio feeds.

New York Facilities

Several active studios in NYC are the setting for our “In the Field” classes.