Ghost Program: Professional Artist Development Program

The one-of-a-kind flagship music production program where students learn invaluable knowledge and important workflows from leading innovators in the fields of music production, composition, engineering, music video production, marketing, and more while developing their own professional productions from scratch with the assistance of UPA mentors.

Mixing the Hard Way: Advanced Mixing w/ Scotty Hard

Legendary producer and mixing engineer Scotty Hard has been called one of the greatest architects of hip hop’s sound from the 80’s to 2000’s. Covering both clean and dirty mixing, this unique masterclass delves into Eq, compression, the techniques of Dub as well as meticulous note keeping.

Sonic Architecture: Sound library development for score and sound design

Develop custom sound libraries with renowned sound designers, musicians and engineers. of complex atmospheres, drones and impacts for sound installations, film, multi media and more. Gain both knowledge and the invaluable asset of your own original sound library, plus custom digital effects and instruments. Single month to one year programs available. Only 5 students per month, enrollment begins now. Sessions begin May, 2024.

Ableton Instrument Design

Learn to build powerful, unique and highly versatile customized instruments in Ableton Live perfect for production and live performance.

Art Of The Sound Clash: Live performance development program

Artists, labels and organizations work directly with experts in sound system design, live mixing, controller and instrument building, live processing, audio/visual integration, choreography, set design and more to help create your dream performance rig for the best live experience.