Kids Music and Video Production Summer Boot Camp

Old and new school music producers, video artists, musicians, dancers, singers, performers and motivational speakers ban together to offer the most exciting, positive and exhilarating summer kids program available.

Beyond the Beat: Hip Hop Master Class

The inventor of the hip hop skit and music producer extraordinaire Prince Paul (De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane) delves into the untouched art of producing a conceptual album based around narrative, character development and hip hop music.

Ghost Program: Professional Music Production Bootcamp

The one of a kind flagship music production program where students learn invaluable knowledge and important workflows from leading innovators in the fields of music production, composition, engineering and marketing, while simultaneously building a large scale multi faceted production that includes beats, vocals, string arrangement, piano, synthesis, percussion and more, entirely from scratch.

Mixing the Hard Way: Mixing Master Class

Legendary producer and mixing engineer Scotty Hard has been called one of the greatest architects of hip hop’s sound from the 80’s to 2000’s. Covering both clean and dirty mixing, this unique masterclass delves into Eq, compression, the techniques of Dub as well as meticulous note keeping.

Music Production in Ableton Live

This course takes students from basic familiarity of Ableton to a deep understanding of the acclaimed production platform, using signature techniques and workflows developed over decades by UPA mentors.

Sound Synthesis

This course teaches you the art of sound design with synthesizers. While tracing the flow of sound and control, students will pick up all the core terms while learning about their use in specific, well known sounds.

Free Form Beat Creation

The art of off the grid beat creation comes from a deep sensibility for swing and groove, and applying tactile approaches to beat creating.

Sonic Architecture

An advanced class on constructing complex atmospheres, drones and conceptualizing sonic worlds yet to be discovered. Create the sound of a tree breathing, for example.

Ableton Crash Course

In this course, you will learn how core concepts in Ableton form into workflow, and fit into a larger strategy for music production and sound design.

Ableton Instrument Design

Learn to build powerful, unique and highly versatile customized instruments in Ableton Live perfect for Sound-Clashing in both production and live performance.

Art Of The Sound-Clash: Live Performance Master Class

From building customized controllers to trouble shooting sound systems at a venue, this course gives students an enormous advantage when developing their own live performance set ups as mentors guide them through the art and science of building robust live electronic music performance rigs, systems that are affective and less complicated to set up, while they also gain knowledge on how to rectify issues that may come up on the road.

Sound Design Career Development Program

The most in depth career development program available for students of any level to start a career in sound design. With one on one guidance from renowned professionals paired with a unique and modern curriculum, students are guided to become exceptional at what they do through personal mentorship and weekly assignments. After completing the 6 month to 1 year program, students leave armed with the most essential tools needed for a career in sound design.

Private Online Instruction

Meet with our mentors and get custom tailored, one-on-one online coursework. Following a pressure free meetup about your vision, interests and ability, the mentors at UPA will create a course specifically fit to you.