Photo credit: CP Krenkler

Photo credit: CP Krenkler

Scot Ebanks (aka Jah Chemistry) is a poet and performer from Brooklyn, NY. Credited as one of the founders of the DMS crew in the late 80s, Scot has made a lasting impression on the hardcore, metal, hiphop and poetry scenes of Northern America.

Beginning in 1991, Scot was wrongfully incarcerated for 26 years for a crime that he did not commit. While an inmate in nearly every prison in the Tri state area, Scot Ebanks wrote hundreds of powerful poems drawing from his extensive knowledge of African, Egyptian and African American history, combined with a deep connection to nyc hardcore, hiphop, metal, hardcore and punk music culture, his poems have been praised by such luminary poets as Amiri Baraka and Liza Peterson. In 2018, the UPA awarded Scot the Andreas Robbins Scholarship For Music to facilitate a large scale production by Raz Mesinai of music composed around Scots dynamic and powerful poetry as content for his upcoming podcast “Till The Wheels Come Off”, due to be aired in 2019.

Jah Chemistry
The News Real News Riddim
Jah Chemistry The News Real News Riddim
Jah Chemistry
She Loves Me Not (Ghost Producer Remix)
Jah Chemistry She Loves Me Not (Ghost Producer Remix)
Jah Chemistry
MVP (Apacolypto Mix)
Jah Chemistry MVP (Apacolypto Mix)
Jah Chemistry
I am (Piano Version)
Jah Chemistry I am (Piano Version)

Scotty Hard, Scot Ebanks. & Raz Mesinai (Photo credit: Dan Hogan)

Juma Sultan & Scot Ebanks (Photo credit: Dan Hogan)

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  1. Kay Monty August 21, 2019 at 10:29 pm


    Awesome Jah Chemistry,
    Happy I live to see great knowledge come out of you son.

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