With a simple yet musical design philosophy, Ableton Live has become the gold standard in basic platform choice for many composers and performers.  It does look a bit different than the typical music software at first, but after some study it becomes clear that the software was designed with highly efficient and flexible creative process in mind.

In this course, you will learn how core concepts in Ableton form into workflow, and fit into a larger strategy for music production and sound design.

  • Non Linear composition (session view) vs Linear Composition (arrange view)
  • Timing of MIDI and Audio, both on and off grid
  • The role of the Library/Browser in workflow and importance of developing original sounds
  • Rack and Macro technique, building instruments
  • Capturing and quick editing for new ideas
  • Automation

The UPA guarantees that you will seriously raise your Ableton game throughout this course, no matter what your current level is.


Studying with Todd and Raz through the UPA courses has been a priceless and essential part of my development as a producer, performer, sound designer, mix engineer and as a musician altogether.


Their dedication and passion for excellence as mentors along with their seemingly boundless knowledge can allow committed, hardworking students an opportunity to progress lightyears farther and faster than they would be able to otherwise.

Rob Hudson, Alumni
Mentor: Raz Mesinai (Certified Ableton Live Instructor)
Tools: Ableton Live Suite
Mentor sessions: 4 (approximately ninety minutes each)
Workload out of class: Assignments, custom presets and finished project
  • Video tutorials to support each session
  • Reverse engineering and template examples
  • Weekly assignment guidance
  • Check-ins to ensure progress
  • Personalized videos to clarify topics
Availablity: Online
Enrollment status: Private / one on one
Scheduling: Start date is determined by you. Classes take place once or twice a week, depending on your preference.
Tuition: $899