Mixing the Hard Way

Legendary producer and mixing engineer Scotty Hard has been called one of the greatest architects of hiphop’s sound from the 80’s to 2000’s. Covering both clean and dirty mixing, this unique masterclass delves into Eq, compression, the techniques of Dub as well as meticulous note keeping. Scotty has mixed some of the greatest hiphop groups to ever hit the radio waves including Wu Tang Clan, Black Sheep, The Jungle Brothers, Ultramagnetic MC’s as well as such jazz luminaries such as Medeski Martin & Wood & Vernon Reed.

  • Planning, gain staging and preparing for mixdown
  • Routing and submixing: accessing tracks at the right points
  • Comprehensive and battle tested strategies for EQ and Compression
  • Spatial effects from subtle to transformative
  • Adding dirt and/or color to the mix
  • Analog Mixing Consoles
  • Bussing
  • Sends & Returns
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Limiting
  • Expansion
  • Subtractive Mixing
  • Dub Mixing
  • Creative Effects
Learning from Scotty in ‘Mixing the Hard Way’ has completely changed my approach to not just mixing, but music in general. I left this class with tools to breathe life back into my music and transform my productions from 2D tracks to living, breathing songs. These teachers are top level pros; sharing actually helpful skills to their students & are genuinely invested in nurturing the next generation. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found this school.
Lauren Sky, Alumni


Mentors: Scotty Hard
+ Special Guests

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Neve 8014 Broadcast Console 32x4x2


ProAc Studio 100

Yamaha NS-10

Urei 809



Pro Tools HD – 24 IN/32 OUT

Otari MX 80 – 2″ 24 track

Studer B67 – 1/4″ 2 track

Panasonic SV-3800 DAT


Amek 9098 Mic Pre/EQ

API 560/554

UBK Clariphonic 2 Channel Parallel EQ

Custom Charlie Richmond Stereo VCA EQ

White 4400 EQ 28 – Stereo EQ

Furman PQ 3 – vintage EQ/preamp

Moog MKPE – 3 band Parametric EQ


Neve 2254 – Stereo Compressor

Daking FET III Stereo Compressor

TRIDENT A Range Compressor

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5043 Stereo Compressor

Summit DCL-200 Stereo Tube Compressor

Urei 1176 – 2

Urei LA-2A

Urei LA 3A

Urei LA 4

Altec 438A Tube Compressor with Beatles Mod

DBX 162 Stereo Compressor

DBX 160 VU

DBX 160X

CBS Volumax Stereo Limiter

CBS Audimax 444 Limiter


Drawmer DS201 Dual Noise Gate


EMT 140 Tube Plate Reverb

Eventide H3000 – Multi Effects

PCM 80 – Reverb/Multi Effects

Demeter RV1 – Stereo Spring Reverb

Bi-Amp Spring Reverb


Roland Space Echo

Echoplex Tape Echo

Effectron ADM 1024 Digital Delay

Yamaha D1500 Digital Delay

PCM 41 Digital Delay

Ibanez 230 Analog Delay

Moog MoogerFooger Analog Delay

Lexicon Jam Man Stereo Delay

ADR Panscan Auto Panner

SWITCHER – custom made CBS Labs – vintage

Sessions: 8
Media: New video tutorial each week
Sound Library: Mixing & Processing
PDF diagrams and schematics
Support: Weekly assignment guidance
Check-ins to clarify topics and ensure progress
Technical support 7 days/week
Prerequisite Students should have a basic knowledge of the parameters of the primary mixing tools used. Contact us for a consultation.
Availability: In the Field (NYC)
Class Size: Private one on one
Start Date: Flexible start dates, please contact us
Tuition: $2,800