Siab the Healer recieved his name while doing intense meditation. Siab is an acronym for spirit in a body and it represents a bare perspective on life.

Everything at the very root is energy, energy or spirit being the animating force behind all life . Siab is gifted with a name that respects that balance.

Siab creates from the perspective of that Universal Energy, being at the root of all things. His influences are anything that brings the ego from its place of chaos to the basic and profound sense of peace, love and connection that is experienced when humans operate in respect of that energy. His influences are Ekhart Tolle Author of the power of now and Sonia Choquette.

Siab was raised in Maryland and has been in New York for 3 years now.

He has done performances at Newyorican Poets Cafe and an Hot97 Open Mic. He released a project titled Tides & Offerings in February 2017 on Spinrilla and SoundCloud, receiving positive feedback. Currently he is turning focus to production as the UPA welcomes him into the Andreas Robbins Scholarship.

Check some of his music out at