Todd Krupa cultivates music and sound under the moniker Landless Farm. He recently completed a new album featuring UPA mentor High Priest, and wrapped up a six month performance residency at Coco66.

Todd’s forte is creating solutions through technology.  His programming and code background began over 20 years ago with Native Instruments Reaktor, where his sound designs remain a part of Native Instruments Komplete. His music has been released on Sound Ink records, and performed throughout the city from old school Tonic to the Whitney Museum. He taught for 10 years at The Institute of Audio Research and holds a BFA from The New School University in music composition.

Recently, Todd continues to pound out original work, while growing professionally as a full stack developer (both internal and external code), keeping the art and business of music close at hand always.

Todd Krupa

Selected Discography

Gain Fed LP [Sound-Ink/Runriot] 2008 | Ysle

Andenes  [Runriot] 2009 | Landless Farm

Geo Stacks – 2011 | Landless Farm

In Grain – [HYPO] 2015 Landless Farm

Studying with Todd and Raz through the UPA courses has been a priceless and essential part of my development as a producer, performer, sound designer, mix engineer and as a musician altogether.   Their dedication and passion for excellence as mentors along with their seemingly boundless knowledge can allow committed, hardworking students an opportunity to progress lightyears farther and faster than they would be able to otherwise.
Rob Hudson, Alumni