Ghost Producer (aka Raz Mesinai, Badawi, Sub Dub, PsyCo) is a prolific producer, composer, educator and polymath.

As a child in NYC, he attended the Harlem School of the Arts, where he began to cultivate his musical abilities in piano, percussion and composition, while also immersing himself in the world of graffiti and the burgeoning break dance culture blossoming in his neighborhood at the time, known then as “Rock Steady Park”.

During the same time, his travels led him to pick up the frame drum, and other instruments prevalent in Sufi Music, which he experienced at the age of seven in the Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus.  This and weekly sit ins with Puerto Rican, Afro Cuban and African drumming circles in the Upper West Side and Harlem NYC, synthesized with his unique early abilities in home studio recording led into his utterly unique percussion sound he calls “Badawi”.

In 1983, in New York, he began constructing home analog studio systems using spare parts, voice answering machines, and second-hand stereos and boomboxes, leading him to be discovered by legendary jazz and rock musician Juma Sultan.

Sultan, an influential force in the loft jazz movement and a staunch advocate for artist rights and organization, recognized his immense potential and assumed the role of his adoptive father figure “Baba”, mentor, and spiritual guide.  Their profound bond endures to this day, and they continue to work together closely including on the production and restoration of the historical archives of the New York Musicians Organization (NYMO) and legendary venue “Studio We”, widely known as the largest archive of free jazz and underground African American music from the 1960’s and 1970’s in existence.

Starting in 1989, he began selling his original productions on his cassette only labels “PsyCo” and “Ruff Riddim Productions”, producing on average several new albums of original music per week, and sold them out of a shoe box on the corner of Astor Place, with a boombox to hook people in.

This led to him being booked at clubs in New York City, including Mars, Limelight, The Building, Save The Robots, The Cooler and many others.

In his early twenties, he gained recognition for his music from the contemporary classical world, leading to several premiers of his music at Lincoln Center (“String Quartet for Four Turntables” and “For Hamza El Din”) and Carnegie Hall (“The Echo of Decay” for cello, and “Crossfader” for string quartet).

During this time his work also caught the ears of film composer Hans Zimmer, and filmmakers Ridley Scott, Darren Aronofsky, Jonathan Demme and others leading to his work being licensed regularly for film and television, and him becoming a consultant for film scores and sound design, which he himself coined the term for “Score Design”.

Starting in the 2000’s, he received a phone call from electro acoustic composer and pioneer of Otoacoustics, Maryanne Amacher, who had become a fan of his work through a mutual friend, Naut Human of Asphodel Records, and a close relationship followed, leading them to share ideas and collaborations in her home in Kingston, New York. It was through that experience, and her untimely death, that he began to adapt some of the ideas that he and Maryanne Amacher shared into his work.

As a teacher, he has given lectures and master classes at UCSD, Bard College, NYU, The New School, DubSpot, Dartmouth and currently teaches exclusively at the Underground Producers Alliance, an artist development agency and art school for individuals to learn advanced techniques in music production, sound design, performance, and engineering, tailored to suit their needs, and co-founded by colleagues Scotty Hard (Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul), and includes mentors Honeychild Coleman (The Slits, The 1865), Juma Sultan (Jimi Hendrix), HPrizm aka High Priest (Anti Pop Consortium) and many more.

One of the first certified trainers of Ableton Live, Ghost Producer specializes in teaching mid-level to professional producers extended techniques in sound design, arranging, composition, mixing, mastering, and extended techniques in music production and has taught renowned seasoned professionals how to adapt Ableton Live into their own workflows, including Green Lantern (Eminem), Prince Paul (De La Soul), Falty DL, Shackleton, Lori Anderson, and many others.