Extended Sound Design Techniques For Film and Multi Media.

For professional sound designers, sound artists and musicians/producers seeking to develop complex sonic atmospheres, drones and more for site specific sound installations, film and multi media.

  • Field Recording
  • Analog & Digital Signal Processing
  • Musique Concrete
  • Re-synthesis
  • Psycho-Acoustics
  • Advanced EQ
  • Impulse Response Reverb
  • Convolution
  • Noise, Resonance & Acoustical Space
  • Ambisonics

Raz Mesinai’s unique sensibility for developing sonic worlds for picture has made him an invaluable asset behind the scenes for conceptualizing and executing scores and sound-designs with particularly demanding needs.

– Yaron Zilberman (Director of “A Late Quartet”)

Mentors: Raz Mesinai
Tools: Field Recorder
Pro Tools
Analog Synths
Sessions: 10 in person sessions per month
Media: Weekly homework assignments
Original Sonic Arch Sound Library and Presets
Original diagrams, essays and other media
Text books
Support: Daily availability (weekdays) for feedback, help and critique
Technical support 7 days/week
Availablity: Online
In the Field (NYC)
Tuition: $2,500 per month