Learn to develop original Atmospheric Sonic Worlds for film, sound installations and other media.

For professional sound designers, sound artists, musicians, composers and producers seeking to learn and develop custom sound libraries of complex atmospheres, drones, impacts and more for installations, film, multi media and VR.

Learn to produce and expand your own custom sound library, as well as develop tailored digital instruments and effects for your productions, performances, sound art installations and compositions.

Personal sound libraries are invaluable assets for producers, film composers and sound designers.

In this monthly program, we combine learning with doing, as artists leave with the invaluable asset of their own personal sound library, as well as a suite of digital instruments and effects. created from scratch.

Our mentors produced musical and sonic elements for composers Angelo Badalamenti, Clint Mansell and Hans Zimmer, films by Ridley Scott, Jonathan Demme, Darren Aronofsky, and productions by Danny Brown, Skepta and Onyx.

Joined with other renowned musicians and sound designers each month, participants learn while building their own unique sound library and production tool kits of wild sonic explorations. .

Note: Sessions are predominantly one on one, for that reason we can only accept five participants per month.


May, 2024 (5 student maximum per month)

  • Field Recording
  • Analog & Digital Signal Processing
  • Acoustical Space / Reverb
  • Live Effects Processing
  • Re-synthesis of the world around us
  • Spatial Sound / Ambisonics / Surround
  • Advanced EQ
  • Impulse Response / Convolution Reverb
  • Noise, Resonance, Distortion
  • Custom Effects and Instruments for Ableton Live
Mentors: Raz Mesinai

Shahzad Ismaily

Tools: Field Recorder
All DAW’s (Mentors will use Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Audition,Acoustica.
Analog & Digital SynthsAmplifiersMicrophones / FeedbackPercussionBass, Double Bass and more TBA
Sessions: 6 Master Classes per month + technical support 5 days a week
Media: New Original Sonic Arch Sound Library and Presets, per month
Support: Daily availability (weekdays) for feedback, help and critique
Availability: Start Date: May, 2024, (5 student maximum per month)
In the Field (NYC), UPA HQ and Figure8 Studios (Brooklyn)
Tuition: $4,700 per month