photo: Jay Isolini

New York-based musician, synth builder and DJ Antenes composes her music with a laboratory of custom instruments made of re-purposed telecom equipment.  Treating the studio as a space for sculpting emergent patterns, textures, and percussion layers, her productions integrate sounds reminiscent of pulsing analog relay switching systems, errant radio transmissions, signature drones and message interference’s between wires.

Always interested in boundary-crossing between disciplines, Antenes has held residencies for electronic arts at Worm (Rotterdam), Issue Project Room (NYC) Bell Labs (Murray Hill, NJ), Harvestworks (NYC) and Signal Culture (Owego NY) and has appeared at numerous interdisciplinary events including the New York Electronic Arts Festival, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s “Intersections” exhibition (Batavia, IL), Open House London’s Sonic Visitations, and Trinity College’s Science Gallery (Dublin). Inspired by the Buchla 100 modular system, her synth work is featured in the 2013 film I Dream of Wires: The Modular Synthesizer Documentary, as well as in several master’s theses. She also leads hands-on DIY synth workshops, having lectured at CalArts, Oberlin, MoogFest, and UC-Boulder’s music departments, along with Monthly Music Hackathon, Dame Electric at Pioneerworks and Women’s Synth Workshop at the Kitchen (NYC) while keeping busy behind the decks of underground techno and experimental events globally as well.

photo: Seze Devres


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