Mohammed Elsusi

Mohammed Elsusi is an artist, MC, videographer, and producer from Gaza, Palestine. Mohammed began developing skills in audio engineering at the age of 16, working his way up to founding Palestinian hip hop/EDM group “Revolution Makers” with his brother Osama, Muhammed Kira and Haitham Nuraldeen. As a group, the four artists weave their own styles to portray political messages about Palestinian society and Israel.

Political and economic turmoil in Gaza gave Mohammed limited options to secure studio space and he was often met with resistance from authorities for addressing social issues about the Palestinian and Arab communities. Yet, these barriers were formative to developing his craft as an artist and activist.

Mohammed’s work mixes rap, Arabic singing and instrumentation, and electronic music. Though his messages are rooted in Gazan society, his musical influences are global ranging from West Coast rappers Tupac, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Hopsin to French-Argentinian civil rights rapper Keny Arkana and Egyptian rapper Ahmed Mekky, among others.

Opportunities to pursue music in Gaza are nearly nonexistent as artists are met with economic and political constraints that ultimately censor artistic expression and freedom. A self-taught artist, Mohammed’s reliance on his community of Gazan producers, filmmakers and musicians helped him develop his skills for his own work and colleagues. Over the last few years, Mohammed produced and directed music videos and songs for Gazan artists expanding creative expression and elevating Palestine’s message of sovereignty. His work has been published primarily on Youtube and Soundcloud and featured in The Electronic Intifada and The Institute for Palestinian Studies.

Emigrating from his homeland for more artistic opportunities, Mohammed is currently living and producing in Istanbul, Turkey.






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