Live Performance Development Program

Monthly private sessions for artists, labels and organizations

Artists, labels and organizations work directly with experts in sound system performance strategies for live mixing, controller and instrument building, live processing for instruments and vocals, audio/visual integration, set design and more. Our mentors guide you through the art and science of building robust live music performance rigs or simplifying your system for solo or large ensemble performances. Let us help bring your most creative ideas to the stage.

  • Raz Mesinai, Mike Slott, Machine Drum

  • Mike Slott

  • Soldering

  • High Priest aka HPRIZM

  • Machinedrum

  • Korg Electribe MX

  • Signal Path

  • Scott Hampton

  • Raz Mesinai

  • Machinedrum

  • Michael Carter

Some things we can cover:
  1. Building custom analog/digital hybrid instruments & effects for live performance
  2. Performance strategies for solo, small or large ensembles
  3. Midi controller building
  4. Live looping, mapping, signal processing on stage
  5. Improvisation/composition
  6. Unique rig design
  7. from rehearsal to the stage
  8. Sound System Trouble Shooting
  9. Dub Mixing, DJing, multi channel sound design and more.
  10. Integrated A/V systems (Audio/Visual)

$3,800 per month

6 sessions per month, plus online technical support 5 days a week, flexible schedules