Personalized focus on your choice of topic.

Meet with our mentors and get custom tailored, one-on-one online coursework.  We have the best system in place to present interactive, information packed classes all online.  Following a pressure free meetup about your vision, interests and ability, the mentors at UPA will create a course specifically fit to you.

If you have a gig the next day or if you run into problems unexpectedly, we can be there in a snap to help out and get you through it. We can guide you along in your current productions or help you create something new.

  • Provides a solid foundation of technical and academic knowledge.
  • Get detailed, constructive critique and insight on your work.
  • Perfect for rapidly learning specific disciplines, which may be missing from your current understanding of sound.

These can be mixed and matched per student:

DAWs & Production Tools

Power user level instruction is available on all conventional platforms, including Ableton Live, Logic, ProTools, Reason, or Cubase. Learn tried and true functions common to the best producers.

Synthesis: Creating & Modifying Sounds

Intensive focus on the core of analog and digital synthesis technique.  The initiate will learn to trace the classic signal flow and identify the components within.  An emphasis is placed on Auralization of sounds, maximizing movement potential within a design.

Mixing & Mastering

Bad sound stops with UPA.  Our mentors will get you up to speed on important concepts such as gain staging, submixing, compression, EQ, sidechaining, 2 buss limiting, and much more.

Theory & Fundamentals of Sound

Explore the science behind the tools you use.  Sound phenomena and human hearing, rhythm, harmony, orchestration and scoring, digital audio and analog electronics.

Specific Equipment & Instruments

UPA mentors sit on a vast stockpile of gear, with each item just waiting to be singled out as a course topic.  From Ableton’s Push to old school samplers to behemoth custom computer building, we likely have you covered.  Contact us for the current backline.

Pricing Chart

Tier I

  • 5 lessons of new material
  • Video recording of each lesson
  • Weekly scheduling


Tier II

  • 10 lessons of new material
  • Video recording of each lesson
  • 10 support meetups between lessons
  • Flexible scheduling


Tier III

  • 20 lessons of new material
  • Video recording of each lesson
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Flexible scheduling